What is Equiculture?

Equiculture means horses, culture, ecology, community, independence and history related to our shared path with the Horse. 


Our uniquely designed model for caring for our communities retired, disabled and homeless horses has several features that honor and support the horses natural well being.

The horses are kept in groups or herds as they are called and given access to endless circular pathways that have access to pasture. In this way the horses natural inclination to roam helps them to settle and live in a way most natural for them.

 This design also encourages and restores the horses connection to each other and their natural tendencies to gather in herds and establish their important hierarchic systems. In this way they help each other through a supportive and interconnected social structure that reconnects them to a deep sense of well being and groundedness. 

The  Equiculture model protects the surrounding environment, encouraging native plant species and removal of invasive plants and trees. The model also includes  farm gardens nourished with the compost the horses make and in that way helps demonstrate to the local community what great value the horses have for beautifying,  healing and restoring healthy soil. 

We grow an assortment of food and flowers in circular designed gardens. We never use chemicals of any kind. Creating aesthetically beautiful gardens and uniquely designed crop circles we encourage support of the surrounding ecosystems, their care and deep appreciation for those simply wanting to be in nature.

We only use the manure and the formulas of FeedBack  sold here on all of our soil, gardens, pastures, lawns. Nothing more. 

Pasture management systems include collecting  manure each day and delivering  to a designated offsite area where it is aerated and sifted and made ready to share with the community.

For more information about the Equiculture model being developed on Alderman Farm in Middlefield 

please write to us at info@equiculture.online 

About Us

For eleven years Blue Star Equiculture, a draft horse sanctuary served hundreds of retired, disabled and homeless working horses. 

In 2020 we made the decision was made to close the non profit farm in Massachusetts and move the Equiculture model onto land in Middlefield  Ma. 

We continue to develop this model for working horses in need  while learning and practicing methods protecting the surrounding environment. In this way we can restore our many programs that  celebrate and share working horses and their related cultural skills. 

It is our desire to offer these programs in the coming year so that all peoples can have meaningful opportunities to understand and care for our working horses in need.

The proceeds from  your purchase helps cover the cost of hay, feed, supplements, medical care, transport, farrier and dental care and operations in caring for our precious friends. 

Thank you on behalf of our noble herd of amazing friends and teachers. 

Follow them @ Equiculture.online 



56 Alderman Rd, Middlefield, MA 01243